You have decided to build your own home, but are you still not sure who to hire to handle the project? Well, we will help explain what we can do for you!

RCH Custom Homes is now considered a “Design-Build Firm.” What this means is that we have both the contractor and the designer to help get you to your home goals. Our process starts with a discussion of what your budget and schedule look like to get your home completed. Then, working with the in-house designer, we work together to come up with a look and style that fits your needs.

All interior and exterior selections for your home are all handled through us, so no running around to various vendors. Because everything can be handled in-house, RCH is your single point of contact making it easier to communicate questions, concerns, or changes to your home.

One final benefit to selecting a design-build firm like us is that we are familiar with building material costs and have a network of subcontractors that we use so we are able to limit the surprise costs before and during the project.

Have questions or want to learn more about our process? Give us a call at 218-790-1468 or send us a message!