RCH Custom Homes knows how excited you are to see the progress of your new home. We understand that you will want to visit the construction site. Visiting can help you see how things are going, where we are at in the process, and verify that all things are how you want them to be. In order to keep you and our subcontractors safe during the construction of your new build, we have some guidelines that we hope can be followed.


Throughout the new build process, we will set up meetings with you to meet at the construction site so we can go over a variety of things that are happening. If you decide that you need to go onto the construction site outside of these meetings we ask that you do not go on-site during the day when there are subcontractors present. This is to ensure that progress keeps moving forward. If you start asking questions or moving through places that work is being done it will inhibit the workers. It could also potentially cause delays and push your move-in date back. We do ask that if you have questions you bring them to us rather than the workers on-site.


Not only do unexpected visits potentially cause delays, but safety concerns as well. With various tools and equipment being used during the construction process there is always a concern for injuries. Clothing during visits is also an important factor to consider. Even when we have scheduled meetings on-site we ask that you dress appropriately (i.e. closed toe shoes). To limit chances of injury, we try to reduce traffic inside the construction zone during certain phases of the build. Stay in touch with us about when you would like to stop by your new home so we can keep everyone that is involved safe.

We are excited to be on this journey with you. RCH Custom Homes does our best to keep you informed about your new build. We take pride in keeping our clients safe and happy during this process.

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