At RCH Custom Homes we do our best to offer a variety of home options to our clients. We offer eight different pre-designed floorplans. In addition to those eight floorplans, we have the capability of creating a home plan made just for you.

Spec Homes

You might be wondering why someone may want a spec home versus a completely custom one. Well, going with a spec home, short for speculative home, is typically a chance for a homebuyer to purchase a home and the land as a package. This usually happens because spec homes are set up in communities where the builder works closely with the community developer. They work to ensure a mix of homes within the neighborhood.

Spec homes are also appealing to the person who doesn’t want to make a lot of decisions for design. The options are usually limited and pre-planned prior to you purchasing the home. Spec home options may not allow you to choose every detail of your potential home, but they offer value. RCH design team does its best to keep you updated on which elements within a home can be changed.

Now on the other side, there are custom homes. RCH is unique in the area because we have a contractor and a designer under one roof.

Custom Homes

With a custom build at RCH, we can construct on land you already own or assist you in finding a space. After the placement of your build is decided then we will work with you to finalize a plan that fits your budget. Clients can bring in a pre-decided upon plan. Alternatively, the RCH team can help guide you into a plan that will best fit your needs and wants. The home that is designed is truly customized to you. Therefore, all selections, interior, and exterior will need your input and approval.

Whether you choose a spec home or a custom build, both options provide you with a brand-new home. If you have questions or want more information on either type of build, send us a message or give us a call 218-790-1468.