Contractor in Detroit Lakes

So you’ve decided to hire a contractor to build your custom home in Detroit Lakes. Now, you are wondering where you can find the best home contractors who will meet your high standards. There’s a lot involved when building a new home, and for that reason you want to make sure that everything is done right. Smart. You surely don’t want to hire someone only to find that they’re not meeting your expectations, which can cost you both time and money.
It’s simple. When you hire a licensed general contractor, you’re hiring an expert to manage every aspect of your home building project.

Ask Questions

One of the best and easiest ways for you to find out if a contractor is going to be a good fit for you is to ask a lot of questions. The answers you receive are going to help you decide, so simply trust your instincts.

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you licensed and bonded?
  • How many custom homes have you built?
  • Do you use subcontractors?
  • What kind of insurance do you carry?
  • Do you have a portfolio I can see?
  • Do you have a list of references I can see?


You’ll definitely want to look at the contractor’s portfolio as this will allow you to check out some of the new home designs they’ve completed in the past. Be sure to pay close attention to both the interior and the exterior of the homes. Most home contractors are finding that their clients want a modern house design these days, which basically calls for open floor plans so as to either produce or give the illusion of lots of space.

Hiring a Contractor Tips

Because there tends to be a lot involved when you’re looking to hire a professional contractor to build your new dream home, it’s essential that you make sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to figuring out all of the fine details. This includes discussing things like location, blueprints, solar panel options, siding color, roof type, flooring, paint, appliances, and much more.
The following are a few TIPS to follow when hiring a contractor to build your dream home.

  • Get everything in writing
  • Be very clear in what you want
  • Set up a payment schedule based upon completion of defined work
  • Ask for their professional advice
  • Ask for regular progress reports
  • Make sure all appropriate permits are pulled

Why RCH Custom Homes

Whether you already have your new house planned out, or need some planning assistance, we can help. We’ve been building homes since 2002, and take pride in the fact that we’re able to provide our clients with the professionalism they deserve and expect to receive when hiring building contractors. And we do it all for a fair price. If you’re living in the Hawley or Detroit Lakes area in MN, now is the time for you to contact us so we can start discussing your dream home plans.

We’re family owned and operated, and a licensed building contractor providing the best customer service possible.

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