Have you always wanted to build a home but believed that it could never happen because of something you read or saw about the process? Think again! We are going to debunk some common myths about building a custom home.

MYTH #1: Custom homes are for wealthy people

People have always assumed that building a custom home has been a process that takes a lot of money and that is why people who do build a custom home are wealthy. Well, that is not true at all. A custom home can be built in any price range depending on the size, style, and level of detail that you select. At RCH Custom Homes we work with you to find the right floorplan and products that fit your budget and lifestyle.

MYTH #2: Building a custom home takes too long

The time to complete a custom build truly depends on the choices you select at the beginning of a build. A custom home doesn’t necessarily take longer than a spec or production home, but it could if there are a lot of change orders or detail to the home. A perk to working with RCH is that we have an in-house crew that helps you make selections and decisions in a timely fashion to keep the custom build on time. You have to keep in mind that a custom home is built to your needs versus a production or spec home that is made from a preset floorplan with selections already picked out.

MYTH #3: I need to know about design and architecture

RCH Custom Homes goes through everything you need to know for a custom build. You don’t need to come in with any prior knowledge about interior design or architecture to build a home. Our design-build team just needs to know what you are looking for in a home and we run with the idea until you are satisfied. If you have no idea about what you want in a new home, we work with you and ask questions until we figure it out.

If you have been holding off on building a custom home because you thought it would be out of your price range, it would take too long, or you don’t think you know enough about design and architecture stop in and talk with us! We would love to help you figure out if a custom build is in your future.