When you think of a designer, you probably don’t think of them as a ‘project coordinator.’ A designer’s role when renovating a home is to put the team together that will successfully achieve your home goals. They work closely with the contractor, architect, and vendors from the beginning to the end.

They take all personalized ideas, form them into a concept, and translate it onto paper to make sure that the project will work before any walls come down or go up. Once they know your vision is captured, then they coordinate all relevant associates to complete the project.

Adding a space or modifying a layout is a science. You have to know if what you plan on putting into a new space will work or if other options will need to be explored. Those little details like the design of the trim, flooring transitions, or even where a TV will be hung on a wall are all things that the designer plans for and conveys to the team.

Using a designer on your project ensures that all details come together with clear drawings and an end result that is functional and personalized for your needs.

If it is your first time with a home renovation or full build, call our designer. Leann can be with you from concept to completion.

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