RCH Custom Homes is Ready to Bring Your Dreams to Reality

Choosing RCH Custom Homes to build your dream home is the best way to ensure that you receive a custom home that fits your budget and meets all your desires. We believe in keeping you informed throughout the construction process, so you can rest assured that you are getting the job done right.

Customization allows your home to be unique to you and you alone.

We are proud of our completed projects. Take a look!

Our Custom Home Process

1) What?

If you’re planning to build a Permanent home, Lake home, “Shouse” or a Hunting Cabin, we’re here to help. We can assist you in bringing your vision to life or provide guidance if you’re unsure of what you want. Our team of experts will work with you to create a custom blueprint for your dream home. Once the blueprint is finalized, our project managers will ensure that your home is built exactly the way you want it.

2) When?

Building a custom home takes time, but it’s worth it in the end. We work diligently to ensure your home exceeds your expectations. The process involves several steps, from drafting to moving in. Although timeframes vary, we aim to complete everything efficiently. Contact us today to get started on your dream home.

3) Where?

We can help you whether you have an empty lot, need to buy land, or want to demolish and rebuild. Our team at RCH Custom Homes will make the process easy for you. We can take care of demolishing the existing structure and even help you find the perfect piece of land.

4) Why?

Building a custom home allows you to have exactly what you want and leave out what you don’t. With RCH Custom Homes and RCH Home & Design, you can create the house you’ve always dreamed of. Say goodbye to settling and make your vision a reality.

RCH Custom Homes is here to provide quality homes to customers within their budget. In each project, RCH has a team of people working to build your home how you want it. We are here to guide you, answer questions, and be there for you every step of the way. Take a look at our previous client’s projects who worked with RCH Custom Homes from concept to completion.

You Can Dream It, We Can Build It!

Reach out to us to answer any questions about your project

We look forward to learning how we can build your dream home

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