The Craftsman house plan is one of the most popular home design styles today. Craftsman homes can typically be spotted with its signature front porch with columns and siding paired with a foundation made to look like stone. The outside of these homes also typically features low-pitched roof lines accented with the overhanging beams and rafters.

The style wasn’t originated in America however. Credit for this style goes to a late 19th century British social movement, the “Arts and Crafts” period. This movement was all about rejecting the new, mass-produced construction style in favor of local, handcrafted products.

The craftsman home made its way to both the East and West coast of the United States around the same time. On the East, coast credit is given to Gustav Stickley, who was a founder and editor of The Craftsman Magazine. He had written an article on these homes he had seen on his travels to Europe. Around the same time as Stickley’s article, the Green Brothers on the West coast were producing homes like the popular Gamble House of 1908.

Today the craftsman house plans use simple forms and natural materials such as wood and stone. The homes’ simple, elegant design keeps it from looking outdated throughout time.

Inside these homes, you will often find breakfast or reading nooks and free flow from the kitchen to the family and dining rooms. This layout makes them well suited for today’s popular feature of “open plan” living. A craftsman home also would have a prominent fireplace surrounded by built-in shelving in the living room.

Today the craftsman homes functionality doubles as an added sense of charm. They come in all sizes and price points which make them great for any first time home builder.