The RCH Custom Homes Story

Custom home building

RCH Custom Homes was developed with the goal of being the custom home building company that provides quality custom homes at a fair price. We do this all done in a pleasant manner so the overall experience is a positive one for the homeowners who work with us. Having a partner company in RCH Home & Design of Detroit Lakes, MN allows us to work closely with our homeowners, providing them with convenient access to all exterior and interior finishes for their homes. This allows customers the convenient option of making all their design choices directly within our office walls with a wide range of budget options. Therefore, we are saving our customers’ valuable time, travel, and money while still granting them access to beautiful finish options. RCH Custom Homes is a business that truly believes in working with their customers “from concept to completion.”

RCH Custom Homes is a family operated custom home building company. Raymond is the general contractor and oversees plan development, estimating, and managing projects throughout each step of the building process. Raymond prides himself on his ability to diligently manage large projects efficiently and smoothly, delivering a beautiful, high-quality home to his clients and customers.

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